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Student Sponsorship Online Portfolio Part of the TWO Academy  

Our online courses have been created to help you to navigate the immigration landscape with confidence, from the comfort of your own desk (or sofa!).  
Accessible any day and time that is convenient to you. 
Depending on individual training needs, you can choose individual courses within the portfolio, or everything within the portfolio for increased value.  
Please scroll down to view the available courses within the portfolio. 
Individual courses: £65 (plus VAT)  
Portfolio: £175 (plus VAT) 

How Does It Work? 

Each participant receives a unique user ID and password, along with a link to the TWO Academy.  
Access to their designated course is available for one year.  
Each course has a downloadable workbook to complete (online or by hand) to embed learning.  
Workbooks include tips, links and reference material for future use. 
Each course includes a short test designed to check understanding. Incorrect answers are explained and correct answer provided. 
Participants receive a completion certificate via email. 


This course will cover sponsorship of student visas under the UK Points Based System. We explain the different immigration routes available for students, to highlight when sponsorship may not be required. We then look at the process of becoming a sponsor, and the compliance the Home Office requires from all its licenced sponsors. This is the high level overview of sponsorship, to lay the foundations for understanding student immigration, sponsorship compliance, and understanding the various costs involved. 
The main objectives are: 
Learn about the points based system 
Understand the alternative visa routes for students 
Learn the impact of Brexit upon current and future students 
Understand the time limits associated with sponsoring a student. 
Understand the application process to become a sponsor 
Introduce yourselves to the sponsorship management system 
Learn what sponsor duties are & the importance of compliance 
Appreciate the role of recruitment for sponsors 
Understand what happens at licence renewal 


This is the nuts and bolts course; we explain how to sponsor a student and support their visa application. It is important that you as the sponsor understand the full visa process, so that you can support the student as they undergo the application process. We also explain what processes you should have in place to ensure UKVI compliance. 
The main objectives are: 
Understand the importance of a CAS 
Considerations before assigning a CAS 
Understand how the visa application process works 
Explore the range of evidence a student needs for their visa application 
Learn the possible outcomes of a visa application 
Understand what is required at the point of student enrolment 
Learn your ongoing duties in terms of compliance 
Take away some resources for future reference 


This course will enable you to prepare for a UKVI audit. It will give you clear insight into what happens at an audit, what UKVI will be looking for, and highlight common weak spots which you can address beforehand. 
The main objectives are: 
Understand the purpose of a UKVI audit, what can trigger a visit etc. 
Learn what to expect during a compliance visit 
Understand the key areas of interest for UKVI 
Explore what happens after an audit 
Understand the common weak spots found by auditors 
Take away some tips from TWO for a watertight audit 

Interested in the whole Student Sponsorship Portfolio? 

All three courses listed above 
£175 plus VAT 
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