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Business Immigration 

“You demonstrated excellent knowledge of a specialist area.” 
“We were most satisfied with the overall process, which was collaborative in its approach.” 
“We were very pleased with the service we received from The Westwood Organisation and would definitely recommend to other organisations or internally. We found the recommendations/suggestions made in the audit report very useful and have adopted most of them so far.” 
“We found the audit team very professional and supportive in terms of sharing information on good practice gathered from observations from other audits of Tier 4 and experience with UKVI.” 
"Brilliant, thank you – it was just what we were hoping for, so you are ahead of the game as always." 

In-House Training 

“Today has made me realise how little I knew about the subject. It was very good, thank you.” 
"Both Ian and Lucy were so knowledgeable and down to earth, using language which was easy to understand." 
"Feedback from the team was all positive! They said that you were very engaging, and delivered the training at a good pace. They enjoyed examining the documents, and found it really useful having examples and scenarios to put the information into context." 
"Ian and Lucy were very engaging and extremely knowledgeable - really enjoyed listening to them." 
“Very interesting and extremely helpful; filled gaps in my knowledge I wasn’t even aware of!” 
"The trainers were great, clear and very informative. Also answered all questions people asked and even went back to check all were answered." 
“I was impressed by the thorough background knowledge and experience of the specialist trainer hired in. Overall very worthwhile.” 
“Found this a very interesting training session. Good balance of why we need to do this and how to do it - with some entertaining insights into the world of passport control etc.” 
"Both trainers were very responsive and receptive to questions. Good knowledge and experience; they provided clear and insightful answers." 
“Facilitator was very personable and brought the subject to life. “ 
"Presentation from Ian and Lucy was fantastic, great pace set by both of them, and easy to understand the content." 
"Very knowledgeable speaker and able to answer all the questions put to her." 
"Simplified things, made it easy to understand. Both speakers were highly knowledgeable." 

TWO Workshops 

“A really interesting and informative workshop, highlighted specific things to look for.” 
“Although it appears to be a dry subject, it was delivered in such an interesting and interactive way. I found it really helpful, thank you.” 
"Probably the first online remote training I've had where I've felt engaged the entire time." 
“Really informative & engaging training session with excellent material provided.” 
"Very friendly, really good content and 'pitched' perfectly for me. I've been on a few visa workshops and this was by far the most helpful, with advice and practical tips too." 
"I am new to sponsorship and I have come out with a very good understanding of the requirements and the process." 
"I found yesterday's session really useful. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to it, it's a dry subject matter! But Ian clearly knows his stuff and made it really enjoyable." 
"Excellent session with detailed and comprehensive guidance. It was really beneficial to be able to ask questions throughout and get specific guidance on queries. The session was interactive and engaging, and the knowledge gained will be valuable in my role." 
"Everything was helpful, but particularly the format and layout of the workshop - it is succinct to the point and not boring." 
"I had no knowledge at all prior to the course, yet I was able to follow it and I learned so much about the processes around sponsored workers. I made copious notes, so the pace was just right for me to capture everything and I now feel much more confident to start looking at the processes where I work and to get involved as before I was hesitant to do so due to the strict compliance around it and now I feel I know what to look for and why." 
"The pace of the session was spot on." 
“Great stuff! Very informative!” 
"I typically prefer the face-to-face training but this online training was delivered brilliantly." 
“Filled my gaps in knowledge that I previously had.” 
"I found the workshop extremely interesting and everything I learned helps me on a daily basis." 
"It was all very useful, but I found how to spot fraudulent documents interesting and I feel more confident when carrying out ID verification checks." 
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