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Two Workshops 

Preventing Illegal Working One Day Workshop 

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 
Thursday 20th February 2020 
Tuesday 23rd June 2020 
Wednesday 21st October 2020 
Gatwick RH10 9NH 
Who can work in the UK 
The requirements of employing EU citizens 
Which immigration categories include the right to work and any restrictions on visa holders 
Home Office requirements for ensuring the statuary excuse against a penalty 
What records you need to keep to prove you have checked right to work 
The rules for employing Non EU students 
Discussion on the implications of Brexit on checking right to work 
How good you have to be a spotting fake documentation 

Practical Document Verification One Day Workshop 

Wednesday 9th October 2019 
Wednesday 5th February 2020 
Tuesday 9th June 2020 
Wednesday 7th October 2020 
Gatwick RH10 9NH 
What is document fraud? 
The difference between forged & counterfeit documents 
The requirements of document verification 
Document security features 
How to spot document irregularities 
The best way to use reference material 
Benefits of basic and advanced detection equipment 
Practice with ‘real’ documents 

Tier 2 One Day Workshop 

Thursday 3rd October 2019 
Wednesday 19th February 2020 
Wednesday 24th June 2020 
Tuesday 20th October 2020 
Gatwick RH10 9NH 
Overview of the Points Based System, including Tiers 1, 2 and 5 
Tier 2 in detail: 
Certificates of sponsorship 
Resident labour market test 
Skill levels 
Shortage occupations 
English language 
Certifying maintenance 
Policies and procedures for compliance 
Implications of Brexit upon your policies & procedures 
Key tips for managing your immigration process 
Home Office audit tips 
Document checking techniques and proof of right to work 

Tier 4 One Day Workshop 

Wednesday 16th October 2019 *FULLY BOOKED* 
Wednesday 20th November 2019 
Tuesday 4th February 2020 
Wednesday 10th June 2020 
Thursday 8th October 2020 
Gatwick RH10 9NH 
Tier 4 of the Points Based System 
Compliance through the student journey: recruitment to graduation 
Policies and procedures for Home Office requirements 
Home Office audit tips 
Q & A session including Brexit implications 

In House Training 

Save travel time and get value for your money by packing whatever size room you have available at your workplace with the staff you feel would benefit from our training. 
Alternatively, we can deliver small, hands on workshops in your workplace to enable staff to get their hands on real life examples of fraudulent documentation. 
Let us know your training needs and we will adapt the content accordingly. Knowledge gaps within Tier 2? Resident Labour Market Test? SOC Codes? Checking right to work? No problem! 
AND we WILL make it interesting. 
“I found yesterday's session really useful. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to it, it's a dry subject matter! But Ian clearly knows his stuff and made it really enjoyable” 
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