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We wanted to create a place where a skilled worker sponsor could find everything they needed to ensure compliance.  
The One Stop Shop houses everything you will need: recruitment considerations and checklists; communication templates to highlight line manager and employee responsibilities; compliance checklists; information on UKVI audits; and work instructions for the Sponsorship Management System.  
We have tried to make it as simple and intuitive as possible - what you see below is what you will get.  
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This document outlines the changes for what would have been 'Tier 2 sponsors' - and visa individuals. It is targeted for those who followed previous Tier 2 compliance requirements, to highlight differences in the new rules. 
This document provides an overview of sponsoring skilled workers, to ensure a recruiting manager can assess whether a particular role will be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa application (we outline the code of practice/ SOC codes; appropriate salary etc). Information on the cost of sponsorship, for both the employer and the employee is provided. 
Here we outline the three steps to determining if you are able to sponsor an individual to undertake a specific role. First it is a case of determining which SOC code is relevant to the role, then confirming if this SOC code is one which is classed as eligible for sponsorship. Finally you need to determine if the salary you intend to pay will meet the threshold for sponsorship of that particular role. We delve into all stages of this process within this document. 
You must pay a sponsored skilled worker a salary which meets the threshold for sponsorship. In this document we explain the different salary thresholds which may be applicable, depending on the circumstances. We explain about the going rate and the new entrant rate, and why there are various percentages of salary evident on Appendix Skilled Occupations. 
The health and care visa is part of the skilled worker route. It aims to incentivise individuals to come to the UK to work in eligible health occupations. This document outlines the nature of the visa, and what is required of the employer and the visa applicant for a successful visa application.  
We hope this guidance document will help with decisions when it comes to determining how long you will sponsor an individual for, and to raise awareness of the impact of this decision upon costs for both you as the sponsor and the individual, as well as the potential impact upon the individual’s future residency here in the UK. 
This is a form to support the administration process surrounding assigning a certificate of sponsorship (CoS); it is a Word document to enable editing. The form has numerous fields to complete, to ensure you have all the required information before assigning a CoS. Included within the form are notes to clarify the meaning of those fields that might not be self-explanatory. We advise this completed form is kept on file for all sponsored employees; it is a useful tool should you need to assign a further CoS for a visa extension, plus it will assist and impress auditors by providing streamlined and easily accessible information. 
This is a compliance checklist; we recommend one is completed and kept on file for each sponsored employee. It is a one page checklist of all the records you must have for each sponsored member of staff; e.g. passport/ biometric residence permit; contract; copies of qualifications. 
This document provides a new recruit with all the information they need surrounding sponsorship, and applying for their visa. It explains important details regarding the CoS and their visa application. We provide an overview of the requirements for a Skilled Worker Visa (including financial and language requirements), and how the indivdiual can provide evidence of these. Information on visa fees and the NHS surcharge is included, and there is an overview of the visa application process - how/where/when etc. We have also included information on visa extensions, so that your new employee is fully informed for their future. The responsibilities of a skilled worker employee are outlined at the end, to highlight the need for reporting particular circumstances to HR. This will support your compliance, as it will enable you to adhere to your reporting duties. 
This information document will highlight the additional responsibilities of managing individuals that hold a skilled worker visa. Communication of responsibiliites is crucial for compliance; this document will inform line managers what is required, from reporting absence to changes in circumstances. By providing all sponsored employee's line managers with this information, you will ensure understanding and compliance. Providing evdience of its use within the recruitment and onboarding process will reflect well within a UKVI audit, as it demonstrates a commitment to compliance. 
This is for use at onboarding/ induction. It is for any new recruit sponsored by your organisation, to hold a Skilled Worker Visa; the aim is to raise awareness of UKVI compliance requirements. We explain the need for individuals to protect their visa, and their employer’s sponsor licence, as both are at risk if there is a compliance breach. There is an overview of what needs to be reported - absence; changes to personal details; changes in circumstances. We also raise awareness and explain the potential issue of promotion or change of job role, and explain more about SOC codes for clarification. 
This template can be used when an employee is looking to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, and they need their employer to confirm their employment, sponsorship details etc. It also refers to travel made outside the UK, and that the dates coincided with either business travel or annual leave.  
For those who were familiar with the requirements for Tier 2 compliance, this document covers the key compliance changes within the Skilled Worker system. It covers changes to both reporting and record keeping duties. 
This document looks at the entire process of sponsoring an indivdiual, and what is required in order to support UKVI compliance requirements. The information is split into two columns to clarify where the responsibility lies - with the employer or the new employee. The following subheadings illustrate the type of information included: Resident Labour Market Test; Advert; Application and Interview; Assigning CoS; Maintenance Requirement; Immigration Skills Charge (ISC); English Language; Immigration Health Surchage; Dependents; Migrant Arrival; Migrant Starts Work; Sponsor Duties; Unpaid Leave; Visa Extensions; Maintain Compliance; Annual Duties. 
This is a compliance information document; we recommend using it to raise awareness to all those involved in the sponsorship process such as HR and line managers. It is a one page document summarising everything that must be reported to UKVI via the Sponsorship Management System. It includes the required timescales e.g. If you stop sponsoring an individual for any other reason (and provides examples e.g. if they move into a immigration category with a different sponsor or one that that does not need a sponsor), you must report this within 10 working days. 
This is a compliance checklist; we recommend one is completed and kept on file for each sponsored employee. It is a one-page checklist of all the records you must have for each sponsored member of staff; e.g. passport/ biometric residence permit; contract; copies of qualifications; advertising at recruitment. It clearly states what is required in terms of the advertising records to ensure consistent compliance.S 
This article will help you to prepare for a UKVI audit. It explains what might trigger a visit from UKVI, so that you can be prepared for an imminent inspection. The document outlines the key areas that are assessed within an audit, and provides detail of what will be considered and examined; this includes policies, processes and employee records. We offer tips for a successful audit, which includes highlighting what issues are key concerns of UKVI. We hope this document gives you confidence that you are ready for an audit, and enables the process to go as smoothly as possible.  
We recommend having all your policies and procedures kept in one file, ready to provide to UKVI inspectors. This download is a template cover sheet, with suggestions for the documents to provide within the pack. Collating a file such as this will enable you to keep track of all the relevant policies and procedures so you can easily keep them up to date. It also demonstrates awareness of your sponsor duties thus providing a positive first impression at the start of an audit, helping to build the trust and set the tone of your inspection. 
These work instructions cover the process of assigning a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) on the Sponsorship Management System (SMS). It goes through each step individually, and provides detailed additional information to support a first time user of the SMS. We understand this part of the sponsorship process can be daunting; it is crucial to get it right for both the individual to be able to obtain their visa, and for the organisation's compliance. We therefore provide as much information as possible to give indviduals confidence that they are entering the correct information for the CoS. 
You can use the 'sponsor note' field on the SMS to amend minor errors identified after a CoS has been created. This document explains the process of amending a CoS, and provides examples of acceptable amendments (compared with an amendment which would require a new CoS to be assigned). 
At the start of these work instructions we provide clarification surrounding the timing of visa extension applications, and the subsequent impact upon when a CoS should be assigned. These work instructions are clear and simple; and notes are provided to support anyone unfamiliar with the process of assigning a CoS, or extensions. We provide suggestions for text to include within the CoS with regards to the resident labour market test, and highlight potential problems surrounding SOC codes. 
For those individuals requiring a defined CoS, the process is slightly different. At the start of these work instructions we provide detailed information on when a defined CoS might be required, clarification on the timescales surrounding the application process, and list the specific information you will require in order to submit an application. The work instructions for the SMS are clear and concise; and we offer clarification on elements of employment detail which may not be self-explanatory. At the end of the document we clarify what the next steps are once an application has been submitted, and what is required depending on whether the application is approved or rejected. 
Within this document we provide an overview of what activity needs to be reported via the Sponsorship Management System, and how to go about doing this. 
If your annual allocation of undefined certificates of sponsorship is not enough - perhaps you have an employee who needs to extend or switch visas, or your international recruitment has increased - you can request additional certificates. This guidance document walks through how this process works on the Sponsorship Management System. You will need to explain the reason for the request; we provide guidance around this as well.  
UKVI has a service which allows sponsors to submit a request to prioritise an application they have made - e.g. request for additional CoS. We outline the various stages of this process, from the initial request to what you must do if you are successful in obtaining one of the few priority slots available each day. 
Sponsor licences are valid for four years; after this time you must submit a renewal application to UKVI in order to maintain your ability to sponsor current and future non-UK nationals. If at the point of licence expiry you have any sponsored workers, you must renew your licence. We walk you through the process within this guidance document. 
This document outlines the changes for what would have been 'Tier 2 sponsors' - and visa individuals - as the new Skilled Worker route comes into force. The information is targeted for those who followed previous Tier 2 compliance requirements, to highlight differences in the new rules.  
Here we summarise the meaty Home Office document which includes all the changes to the immigration rules, which came into force 01 December 2021. It covers all areas from EU workers, the new skilled worker route, health and care visa, post study visa options, and includes information for visa applicants too. 
This document is a giant table providing information on each visa category - including all visas within the Points Based System, as well as additional visas (spouse, ancestry, PBS dependent, fiance/ partner, visitor, indefinite leave to remain). The table includes work restrictions, study restrictions, whether the visa holder is able to switch visa categories, and additional comments. This document is a useful reference tool to understand the restrictions upon your current visa employees, or new recruits.  
We have collated questions our clients frequently ask us in relation to sponsoring skilled workers. This page categorises the questions: Sponsor Licence (becoming a sponsor, suspension, revocation); Recruitment (resident labour market test, SOC codes, salary etc.); Certificates of Sponsorship (defined/undefined, process, SMS); Employment (extensions, promotions, changes in circs etc.) Users of The One Stop Shop have commented on how this page provides useful information as scenarios another employer has come across in real life.  
This link provides clear information on the concessions UKVI initiated during spring 2020 lockdown. This is a useful reference tool to refer to for clarification on what your compliance requirements were during this time.  
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