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Who What Why Where When? 

Videos of our training, delivered by Ian and Lucy, for your perusal in your own time and space.  
There is content for all employers - we have categorised it for those of you who are licenced sponsors (or thinking of becoming one), and those of you who may or may not be sponsors, and need to understand who has the right to work for you, and how to check in order to be legally compliant.  

How to Watch the Videos 

Each participant receives a unique user ID and password, along with a link to the portfolio. 
Access to the content is available for one year. 
Each course has downloadable handouts to complete individual notes to embed learning. 
Handouts include links and reference material for future use. 
Each course includes a short test designed to check understanding. Incorrect answers are explained and correct answer provided. 
Participants receive a completion certificate via email. 
Explore the content available: 
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Core Content 

The Statutory Excuse: What, Why, How, When 
In Practice: Manual checks & what to copy 
Online checks: View & Prove and Employer Checking Service 
IDVT checks 
GDPR compliance 
FAQs: expired documents; agency workers; what to do if cannot verify docs etc. 
Overview of which visas allow work: Indefinite Leave to Remain; family visas; Hong Kong visa; humanitarian visas 
European nationals & clarification on right to work based on start date 
Points Based Visas: Who can work for you?  
Overview of Skilled Worker; Global Business Mobility; Temporary Workers; Talent Visa; Students; Graduates; High Potential Individuals. 
Clarification on what documents can be accepted for a manual check 
Removals from List A and List B 
List A and List B in detail, with useful tips. 
Step One: Imposter fraud & what to look for 
Step Two: Genuine documents & security features 
Step Three: Counterfeit documents & signs of alteration 
Step Four: Sense checking & tips for what to look out for 
How good do you need to be at document verification? 
What to do if you spot an irregularity. 



How To Videos 

Useful information on share codes 
How to use a share code to obtain evidence of Right to Work 
The record required for UKVI compliance 
Further steps to maintain your defence against a penalty. 
Clarification on COVID-19 adjusted checks & what is now acceptable for a manual check 
Suggested process to ensure you obtain a defence against a penalty 
What is an IDVT check and who can it be used for? 
IDSP (Identity Service Provider) requirements to obtain a defence againsta a penalty 
Employer requirements to obtain a defence against a penalty 
Considerations surrounding use of IDVT. 
Interested in the whole portfolio? 
All video content related to right to work checks, as listed here 
£175 plus VAT 



Core Content 

Skilled Worker visa eligibility requirements 
Tradeable points simplified 
Salary ranges explained 
English language & financial requirements 
Health & Care visa 
Costs involved with sponsoring a Skilled Worker 
Genuine vacancy - what this means and how to prove it 
Types of certificate of sponsorship: defined versus undefined. 
Key terminology to be aware of before becoming a sponsor 
The application process to become a licenced sponsor 
Useful tips regarding assigning key personnel; using a representative; priority services requests 
Understand what is expected of you as a sponsor. 
Overview of general duties as a licenced sponsor 
Updating UKVI 
Records to keep for compliance: right to work 
Records to keep for compliance: additional records for sponsored workers 
Responsibilities of the Skilled Worker 
Reporting on the sponsorship management system 
Recommended annual duties. 
The purpose of an audit 
What to expect from a UKVI inspection 
Information UKVI will look for 
What to expect following a visit 
Immigration risk management & action plan. 



How To Videos 

Brief introduction to the SMS 
How to navigate the various functions of SMS. 
Live example of creating a certificate of sponsorship 
Includes useful tips and information regarding the jargon on the form. 
A walk-through of applying for a defined certificate of sponsorship 
Clarification on what information is required, and the process of the application. 
How to report changes to migrant circumstances 
Clarification on common issues e.g. change of start date. 
Overview of the process of the visa application from online application to biometric appointment to visa approval. 
A walk through of the visa application for a skilled worker visa. 
Interested in the whole portfolio? 
All video content related to right to work checks, as listed here 
£175 plus VAT 
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